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Surrounded by the fertile lands of Gargano area, located on a slope of the hill where rises up Rignano Garganico, in 1998 was established Prima Bio, the cooperative owned by Terrenzio family and other farms of the territory who cultivate according to the organic method.
Our products are made only by organic raw materials that we harvest, select and process within the day. From the field to the processing, we follow an attentive manifacturing process that does not alter the taste of our land.

we care about the nature
We sow, we grow, we harvest and we process all our products.
The company was established in 1998, today we grow 450 hectares with organic method.
100% Organic
We grow according to the nature without any synthetic chemical substances or contaminants.
We are among the world’s leading vegetables producers and we export all our products.
Nothing is thrown away, the scraps become feedingstuffs.
We feed our farm with renewable energies, generated by our photovoltaic fields.


We know every seed and choose them carefully is the first step of our production chain.
We respect the rythhms of the nature and we pay attention to them.
No hurry
We use all the latest technology to guarantee the quality of our crop.
We monitor all the production and we search only for natural methods to protect our products.
After an accurate control, we choose only the best. But nothing is thrown away. It’s a slow process, but the good things take time.

Our Spot

Tomato harvest campaign 2022

The tomato harvest in Puglia is an experience that leaves you speechless. It’s tiring, it’s true, but it’s also extremely rewarding. Looking at your own harvest of tomatoes fills your heart with joy and satisfaction, our hard work is always rewarded with the goodness of our products.

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100% Organic
Today choosing organic you choose your wellness. Our company is certified for over 15 years, at the beginning we approached the organic market like a pioneer of this field, offering our horticultural products to an uninformed consumer who doesn’t like the changes. The demand for organic products was growing and, after a long and hard work, we gained our good place, in the national and international market.
The fresh products are grown and harvested directly in our fields, always respecting the ambient and the surrounding ecosystem, we use natural and innovative farming methods that is the key of the international success of the Cooperative. We propose only organic vegetables from our Apulian lands, as leading product, especially for the foreign markets. Prima Bio, also, follows all the internal steps of the Cooperative to preserve the quality and the freshness of our products, our vegetables are harvested when perfectly ripe and processed in the shortest time. In this way you can feel the typical taste of our territory with an unique mix of flavours that will take you back in time.
All our production process, from the plants to the final product, is made internally of our Cooperative thanks to the collaboration of our partners. With the direct availibility of the products during all the year we can halve the timing of transplanting, harvesting and processing, ensuring always the quality. Thanks to the variety of members' activities, from the nursery to the first step of processing we can guarantee a healthy and good product with the fair price.


For over 15 years Prima Bio holds biological certifications (ICEA) that give to the consumers a right-duty "doing well by doing good". We distinguish ourselves from conventional manufacturers through the use of materials, technologies and solutions that enhance and harm the surrounding environment. In addition, as soon as the fresh processing cycle is completed, the waste is reused in a very simple and economical way, becoming the main food of the more than 400 sheeps in the farm of Terrenzio Eligio.
In our company we use techniques that allow us a rational and reasonable use of the water. Thanks to two large rainwater collection basins, we can cover some of our daily product processing and irrigation needs. To ensure a targeted and localized irrigation in our cultures, we use only drop plants that are placed inside the land through specific instruments.
We play an active role in supporting and protecting the ecosystem where the whole process is developed in the respect of the environment and our consumers. We guarantee an agriculture that allows us to keep the environment healthy and authentic. The first realization of the photovoltaic plant, realized in 2012 on the roofs of the plants of first transformation, allows us to reduce energy consumption. The biomass plant, about 150kW, for the production of thermal energy in the Villanova nurseries of Terrenzio Eligio, allows to further cut energy consumption and to minimize carbon dioxide emissions, ensuring a greater respect for our operators.