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Sustainability and Ethical Agriculture

We have always been attentive to environmental sustainability by adopting organic farming for over 20 years and using and producing energy from renewable sources. We believe in a “Km vero” (we place the human factor at the center of our company), we have always sown, cultivated, harvested and transformed all our products. We want to offer, first of all, a decent and ethical work in agriculture, respecting and placing the human factor at the center of our work. Since 2018, we have joined the NO CAP project – “Rete per la Terra”, a project against the illegal-rectuitement, in which we plan all the phases of collection, storage and process, and we work with other companies supporting us and thus writing a new story. By joining this new project, we have given the right value to all the parties involved by placing the human being at the center, offering the right product at the right price.


100% Organic
Choosing organic products today means choosing wellness and health. Certified for more than 15 years, we have faced the organic market in a "pioneering" way, offering our fruit and vegetables to a consumer who is still uninformed and unwilling to change, trying to bring a healthy and unique lifestyle that sees in eating a source of psycho-physical well-being. Meanwhile, the demand for organic food was growing and, after a lot of work and dedication, we managed to conquer a stable place in a market niche both nationally and internationally.
Our products
Our fresh products are grown and harvested directly on our lands, respecting the environment and the surrounding ecosystem, we rely on natural and innovative cultivation methods that have led the Cooperative to international success. Our organic fresh vegetables, exclusively from Apulian region, are our flagship product, especially for foreign markets. Furthermore, Prima Bio follows all the steps that take place within the Cooperative to preserve the quality and authenticity of all products. To maintain the freshness and quality of the processed products, our vegetables are harvested when ripe and processed in the shortest time. In this way a mix of flavors and smells is perceived, and it will take you back in time with an authentic taste, typically of Gargano area.
Organic supply chain
The entire production cycle, from seed to the final product, takes place within the Cooperative thanks to the collaboration of our members. With the direct availability of products throughout the year, transplanting, harvesting and processing times are halved, always ensuring control and reliability. Thanks to the variety of activities of the members, from nurseries to the first processing, we are able to guarantee a healthy and controlled product with a good and fair price.


Our earth
For over 15 years Prima Bio has held organic certifications (ICEA); solutions that enhance and do not damage the surrounding environment by reducing the we distinguish ourselves from conventional producers because we use materials, technologies and movement of goods on the local area for the benefit of sustainable mobility. Furthermore, the scraps of our fresh products become the main food of the more than 400 sheeps present in the farm partner of Terrenzio Eligio.
In our company we use techniques that allow us a rational and reasonable use of water. Thanks to two large rainwater collection basins, we are able to satisfy part of our daily needs for processing products and irrigation of the lands. In addition, we only use drip systems that are placed within the lands using specific instruments.
We guarantee agriculture that allows us to keep the surrounding environment healthy and authentic. The first construction of the photovoltaic system, in 2012, on the roofs of the processing plants, allows the cooperative to reduce consumption in the energy sector. The biomass plant, about 150kW, for the production of thermal energy built in the Villanova nurseries allows us to further cut energy consumption and minimize carbon dioxide emissions, guaranteeing greater respect for our operators.