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Yellow tomato puree

2,40 (Iva incl.)

Yellow tomato puree

The product is obtained from red cherry tomatoes (Minidor variety) grown and harvested by hand in
Our yellow tomato puree is an organic product obtained with the traditional method with tomatoes grown and harvested by hand in our lands and transformed in 5 hours. It is tasty, yellow colored, and it is also an “ethical” product thanks to the attention that the company gives to the working dynamics

Yellow Tomato sauce with basil

4,50 (Iva incl.)

Organic Yellow Tomato sauce with basil

Tomato sauce with basil is a traditional recipe with a unique flavor like the homemade one. Ready to use directly on pasta. You can combine it with organic or wholemeal pasta to make a tasty and quick first course. An unmistakable scent and a unique flavor thanks to the transformation of 100% organic raw materials within a few hours from harvesting.