Asparagus in extra virgin olive oil

The product is made from our asparagus, grown and harvested by hand in our lands, transported in few hours in the plant, selected, cleaned from the hardest and most fibrous part, lightly cooked in a suitable solution to ensure the right degree of sapidity and acidity. The product is reselected, flavored and packaged in jars.

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The organic asparagus preserved in oil of Prima Bio, harvested by hand in our fields, are lightly cooked with water and vinegar and preserved in apulian organic extra virgin olive oil to enhance the freshness and to not cover the pleasant taste.
This product is the result of a well-finished artisanal job, it can be used as a side dish and to garnish delicious courses.

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Weight 0.85 kg

12pz Thermally plasticized


Asparagus, Citric Acid, Extra virgin olive oil, Garlic, Onion, Salt, Sugar, Vinegar


100% Organic

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