Grilled Zucchini

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The product is obtained from organic zucchini, cultivated and harvested by hand in the cooperative lands. The product is then cleaned, cut into pieces, grilled and packaged in the jar. The grilled zucchini in oil of Prima Bio, when they are ripe, are carefully controlled throughout the process, from sowing up to the final product. We choose only the most tender and tasty ones. The pasteurization and packaging process takes place at low temperatures to not altering the characteristics of the ingredients. They are then preserved in organic extra virgin olive oil from Apulian region, adding aromas and wine vinegar to give the product an intense and genuine taste.

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The organic sun-dried tomatoes of Prima Bio, harvested by hand in our fields, are produced by the addition of aromatic herbs and extra virgin olive oil from Apulian region. The packaging process is very attentive and follows the tradition: the tomatoes are carefully checked at the beginning to ensure that the drying process is optimal. All the process ensures to the sun-dried tomato a long-lasting flavor. Great as an aperitif or a side dish, and also to season different preparations or enrich first courses with sauces.

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12pz Thermally plasticized


Citric Acid, Extra virgin olive oil, Salt, Sunflower oil, Wine Vinegar, Zucchini


100% Organic

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