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Tomato Sauce with Zucchini

3,40 (Iva incl.)

To prepare this product we lightly cook the garlic in the oil, then we add the tomato puree and zucchini, we pack it, pasteurise and we cool down it. The products are cultivated and harvested by hand in the cooperative lands, transported within a few hours into the plant.

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The tomato sauce with Zucchini is made from our tomatoes that grow and ripen in the sun on the slopes of Rignano Garganico (FG), a few kilometers from the Gargano National Park. The soils are characterized by clay soils, naturally rich and fertile. The variety of tomatoes used is the round one (Delfo type). Tomatoes, harvested in July, August and September, reached the right degree of ripening, are processed in a day to preserve flavors, scents and nutritional properties. The fresh basil is hand-cut and added to the sauce, releasing a fresh and unique scent. The product is then brought to high temperatures, bottled and pasteurized to ensure its stability over time. The sauce with basil ready to eat. Great for a quick, healthy and tasty pasta.

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Weight 0.55 kg

12pz Thermally plasticized


Extra virgin olive oil, Onion, Salt, Tomato, Vinegar, Zucchini


100% Organic