Cherry Tomato in Brine

The product is obtained from red tomatoes, cultivated and harvested by hand in the cooperative lands, transported within a few hours to the plant, washed, selected, boxed in glass jars and filled with appropriate solution. The capsule clamping and the pasteurization follow.

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The cherry tomatoes in brine of Prima Bio, Minidor variety, are collected and selected in our fields, then washed and packed in glass jars with very delicate and accurate manual processes. A short pasteurization ensures the preservation by not altering the organoleptic characteristics of the tomato and keeping it unaltered for at least 3 years. This product is an excellent substitute of fresh tomatoes for all its usefulness: you can use it to prepare a simple bruschetta or tasting sauces. Available in jars 314ml or 550ml.

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Weight 0.5 kg

12pz Thermally plasticized


Citric Acid, Salt, Tomato, Water


100% Organic

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