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Datterino Tomato in Brine

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Datterino in brine

Our datterino in brine is an organic product obtained with the traditional method with tomatoes grown and harvested by hand in our lands and transformed in 5 hours; it is also an “ethical” product thanks to the attention that the company gives to the working dynamics

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Datterino in brine

Our datterino in brine is a 100% organic product. It is obtained from datterino tomatoes lightly cooked. A good, healthy and extraordinarily versatile product. An unmistakable scent and a unique flavor are obtained thanks to the transformation of 100% organic Italian tomatoes within a few hours from harvesting.

Without the addition of citric acid or other preservatives.

 PRIMA BIO: “Ethical and sustainable” company


100% organic Italian products grown and harvested by hand within a few kilometers from the

production plant. The attention to environmental sustainability and work make our products “from Km ZERO to Km VERO”. (KM ZERO= we sow, we grow, we process in our company KM VERO=we place the human factor at the center of our company).Prima Bio is part of the “NO CAP” family who fight against the illegal-recruitement and promote sustainable and ethical agriculture.

Ingredients: Datterino tomato, water, salt

Nutrition declaration (Nutritional values x 100 g)
Energy: 103 kJ/24 kcal

of which saturates:

0,1 g

0 g


of which sugars::

4,4 g

3,9 g

Fibres: 1,6 g
Proteins: 0,7 g
Salt: 0,5 g
100% Organic Italian Products
Km 0


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Weight 0.85 kg

12pz Thermally plasticized


Salt, Tomato, Water


100% Organic

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