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Cherry Tomato Puree

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The product is obtained from red cherry tomatoes (Minidor variety) grown and harvested by hand in
the cooperative lands, transported in a few hours in the plant, washed, sorted, shredded, past and refined. The juice obtained is concentrated in vacuum at low temperature, the puree obtained is pasteurized, filled in glass jar, closed with a twist-off cap and pasteurized.

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The organic tomato puree of Prima Bio is produced with round tomatoes grown by our farms, all within a few kilometers from the Cooperative, in the province of Foggia. The tomato variety we chose to make our range of tomato puree recipes and ready-to-eat sauces is the round one (Delfo type), known for its compact and well-structured pulp and its delicate taste. The tomatoes, harvested in July, August and September, when reach the right degree of ripening, are processed in a day to preserve flavors, scents and nutritional properties. After washing and an initial selection, the peel of tomatoes is removed with steam, only after this process the tomatoes are triturated, passed and concentrated. The product is then brought to high temperatures, bottled and pasteurized to ensure its stability over time. From the field to the processing, the organoleptic qualities of the tomato are continually checked and verified to give to our tomato puree a sweet and unmistakable flavor of the best sun-tasted tomatoes.

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Cherry tomato, Citric Acid, Salt

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